Friday, January 11, 2008

I can admit it

Last night I gave Little Man a bath. Thinking about some of the comments from fellow moms, I thought, "I totally should try the baby bath tub." So I filled that in the big tub instead and it was great. Not because I used less water (I fear I used more with the rinsing!) but because his ears were water free. It'll work when I bathe him alone. Otherwise, I think we'll continue to use the insert, or more likely, carry him into the shower.

I guess what I was reminded is sometimes it's nice to have the right tool for the job, but often it's not that necessary.


lisa said...

Some of the baby gear I had, I probably could have done without--changing pad, baby bath, etc.

I think I probably spent too much money on gadgets which I thought would make mommy tasks easier. A couple of times, though, I found something that I really found useful and would not do without: a particular bouncy seat, a baby tub insert, a hip sling.

But it's interesting to think about now that I don't need all the accoutrements.

badmommy said...

I think that's it precisely. There are things I was sure I'd want (changing table + pad, swing, baby bath etc). Yet, I don't really need them. The baby tub insert, for example, ROCKS. It's a perfect solution -- easy to travel with and does the right job. Cost $3.59. The tub? It's cool. It was good the first two months when we were washing him in the kitchen. But, honestly, could live without it.

Like all new endeavors, it's so easy to misjudge what you need and what looks cool.