Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mom Goes Boom

On my way to yoga, with a diaper bag, a yoga mat, an extra blanket all slung over my shoulder and a baby in my arms...well, I tripped and fell. Boom. Ankle turned and I went down. I was most worried about Little Man, but I held him tight and he didn't hit the ground at all. Can't say the same about my left hand and knee.

Instinct is strong. The last thing I wanted was for my little bug to fall. After I stood back up, he cried and cried. It must have scared the crap out of him. It certainly scared me.

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Sara said...

Oh my, scary . It weird how it works, isn't it? I fell down a farmhouse stairs (evil steep things!) with a 3 year old when I was maybe 15. Black and blue, me. Kid? A little freaked but nothing more.

Hates the falling with kiddos, I do.