Friday, January 18, 2008

We really don't need more toys, I swear

C, our day care provider, had Little Man in an exersaucer when we picked him up on Friday. Little Man LOVED it. Seriously. Happiest bug because he could stand up. He's over being on his back. He doesn't really want to sit. Little Man has got to stand.

C was convinced we had one at home because he took to it like a duck to water. So we went to the consignment store and picked up this one:

Now we have this monstrosity and I never really thought I'd get a ton of plasticy baby toys, but there you go. But, you know what, Little Man LOVES it. Capital LOVE even.


Jessica said...

Exersaucers are the BOMB. We got ours free off a local parenting mailing list - it's been passed around the neighborhood a few times, and the only precondition for getting it is you have to promise to offer it free on the same mailing list once your kid has outgrown it. (Being so well-used, I was shocked when it still had all the toys attached - even the blinky ones that play annoying music still work. Unfortunately...)

badmommy said...

They are the bomb. Thank GOD for consignment, because I have no desire to pay full price for the plastic monstrosity. It will go back to the consignment world or at least to the consignment sale.

Julie said...

Our guy wasn't so into the exersaucer that we borrowed from my aunt. He was however into balls. Yesterday at Target I got out of a perfectly good line to drag my charming if reticent son to the back of the store for a major steal. I just got a plastic ballpit w/slide to set up in our former dinning room soon to be twin play room/containment zone. It is awesome! It was 75% off so less then $25. I love all toys that are also containment devices.

lala_lisa said...

My friend's boy twin Jack LOVED his exersaucer so much. (Zoe was kind of indifferent to it.) They called it his office.