Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sleep Routines

Little man has been struggling somewhat with getting to sleep. Not terribly, but not great.

Our bedtime routine has him getting to bed around 6:30 to 7:00. We come home from daycare and play, eat dinner (more on baby's good eats in another post), have a bath, play more. Between 6 and 7 we will brush Little Man's teeth, read a story and get into the crib.

More often than not he goes to sleep. Lately, he has fussing and then sleep.

Tonight, he went into the crib, cried like "WTF?" and he bellows occasionally. But he also sucks his fingers, holds onto his Fox in Sox or his blanket and self soothes. He's usually asleep asleep by 7:15. He may wakeup at some point in the evening, but we rarely pick him up. He cries for 15 seconds and then it's back to sleep.

Writing it out, it doesn't look so bad. But there are times when I just worry that he is going to be up forever. If we don't get him into bed at the right time, then he's so overtired he just CAN'T fall asleep.

It makes us careful of his schedule, because if we can hit the sweet spot, tired but not overtired, then he goes down blissfully. Otherwise? it's just stress.

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Katie said...

You mean tooth.... which he refuses to let us see