Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Little Man is too little to cook on his own. But the NY Times today has a good article about the ascendency of cookbooks aimed at kids.

But that is changing, as parents who have a keen interest in cooking encourage their young children to spend time in the kitchen and new titles take a more sophisticated approach to children’s food. Although no one tracks overall sales of cookbooks aimed at children, some retailers say that sales have shot up.

But Gillian Engberg isn’t too critical of overly ambitious books, because they represent a return to the kitchen. “We are seeing more of these because people are growing more knowledgeable about food,” she said. “Cooking together represents a pause, a chance for families to come together.”

This feels about right to me. As Little Man gets bigger and more mobile and more independent, there are fewer and fewer things I do exclusively. I find cooking for the baby extremely gratifying (as seen by the crazy amounts of time and food I prepare) and I think cooking with him, teaching him and (one day I hope) his sister the joy of food is an important way to spend time together, particularly in a world where I want to emphasize less TV.

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Norah said...

I often cook with Frances, and she often asks if she can cook dinner with me. I find it very gratifying as I have such keen memories of cooking dinner with my own mom. That's how I first learned to cook. Isaac sometimes joins us in the kitchen too, esp if it there is baking.