Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm not a fan

Dance Baby Dance
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I bought Little Man a water table, which he loves. I bought, not the one I wanted from Step 2, but rather a Little Tikes one that was actually in stock. But of course, it was not only branded, but it had Dora the Explorer. Not a fan of Dora. The only Dora esque piece is the umbrella. I hate it enough that I'm contemplating replacing the two Dora/Diego panels wit other fabric. I have become that ridiculous!

I say that and yet here is Little Man playing with free Dora maracas. Since there is nothing Dora on it. I got them for free at BEA from the Dora booth. It's either hypocrisy or a finely-tuned sense of consistency that allows me not to get bugged by it.

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