Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Why? Why? No really, why?!

We were just at CVS. Some girl was standing with her foot on the car window ledge and her other foot on the seat of her mother's car. Her brother was peeing on the car door and mom, mess that she is was ignoring both of them even when girl said, "He's peeing on the car."

I am tired. My son is sick. I just spent too many hours in the car through Orange and Los Angeles Counties. And I have zero tolerance for egregiously stupid public behavior. When I got into CVS, the boy was yelling in an aisle waving his penis around (he must be 4 or 5). Mom? No where to be seen. As I walked out I said to the boy, "You better put your penis away or someone might cut it off." That made him scream and run.

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