Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Little Man has been getting language. It's pretty exciting and requires a great deal of repetition, patience and twice weekly visits from the Speech Therapist.

He has lots of nouns, which makes sense from a language acquisition perspective that he is getting the cognitive label for things.

Non-concretes are harder to teach. He understands Bye-Bye and LOVES to say it (and often blows a kiss to go with it). He knows when and how to use Please (and man, he's effective at getting what he wants). He sort of knows Thank You, or at least the Britishized Version he gets at daycare (Ta!).

I've been trying to teach him Love You and Sorry.

Today he was kicking when I changed his diaper and I told him, "Ow. That hurts. No kicking!" and he signed Sorry and attempted to say it.

My heart melted.

I love watching him learn.

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