Friday, November 30, 2007

Seriously? For Something Destined to Be Drooled On?

Are people insane? The Cashmere Baby Sling that costs only $349 is INSANE. Sure, I'm positive Cashmere feels great to mom and possibly to baby. But we are talking about a sling, something, that in my experience gets gnawed on, spit up on, drooled on, dropped on the floor of the car, stepped on by the dog and just generally dirty. CASHMERE?! WHAT?!

In fairness, I have several baby carrying devices that were purchased because I just wasn't sure what we would like. We have a classic Bjorn that Little Bug loved for a while but that he doesn't fit so well anymore. We also had a misbegotten Sherpani carrier, purchased on someone's rec but we don't love it. Then I bought a $30 sling at the Pasadena Flea Market. We've used it a bit, but Little Bug gets a little "Momma's Boobs Too Close and SMOOSHING ME!"

Finally we found the Ergo carrier, which I adore. It's not particularly easy to get on alone and it's a little inelegant looking. But it's made of some sort of poly canvasy type fabric and soft cotton, which is lovely because Little Bug often turns his head to gnaw on some piece of it. It gets dropped into the machine regularly.

Anyhow, I guess my greater point is that the many carriers littered throughout the house and our carrier of choice show that we are not above ridiculously expensive purchases in pursuit of the baby carrying device. But a cashmere sling just seems to be in the beyond category.

But, to buy something made of cashmere that a baby is supposed to use seems insane to me. Insane and really upper-class wealthy-woman indulgent.


lisa said...

I went through several different slings and carriers--mostly because I wasn't sure what would be comfortable, so I took a chance. A few, I borrowed or were given, so I didn't spend more than $100 total. But they were ALL washable.

The Snugli worked ok but got barfed on. A lot.

The Platex hip carrier worked well when they got older but it got peed on.

The Hotslings sling was awesome but the boobs got in the way. It also got peed on.

The Over-the-shoulder-baby-holder ended up as the cat's bed.

So, agreeing with you!

badmommy said...

I assume anything the babies are in or touch has a high likelihood of getting ruined.

But then again, I think kids ruin everything (not in a bad way, but in a if you ever want stuff to be dessicated, broken or what not, you just take it into a classroom).

Jessica said...

Sounds like something Meconium would review!

Aside from the price tag, cashmere completely fails the must-be-machine-washable-to-be-baby-gear test. (Which, okay, so do the Amby sheets, but I solved that problem by rolling my eyes and washing them in the machine anyway. They survived.)

As for carriers, we have:

Bjorn Active - baby shower gift, worked great for the first 3 months. Outgrown surprisingly fast.

Ultimate Baby Wrap - bought on sale, and what a piece of crap. Traded it at a consignment shop for clothes.

Nojo Sling - baby shower gift, also pretty terrible, but useful for around the house during the first 3 months when D refused to let me put him down. Will probably be replaced by an Ellaroo or Moby Wrap when Kid #2 comes along. Or maybe a Hotsling or Peanut shell.

Ergo - Bought secondhand and OMGLOVE. All the weight is on my hips, not shoulders! Can be worn front or back! Pockets! Our household's preferred Mommy Carrier.

Snugli frame backpack - hand-me-down. Not my favorite in terms of lumbar support, but D loves being up high. Our household's preferred Daddy Carrier.

And 2 strollers. And a carseat. Oy.

Stephanie said...

Currently, we have two silk slings for the new baby (1 Zolowear and I forget the brand on the other, both machine washable). I'm hoping they will be cooler than the Maya wrap that I so much with Ellie. I love that sling but it's too hot for here.

I also have a Peanut Shell which I'm hoping will be looser and therefore cooler than the Maya wrap.

We also have an ancient BabyBjorn which I used to use when I was walking the dogs, but which will probably be too hot. Plus, it hurt my shoulders, so if I do want a Bjorn, I'll probably get an active.

And we have a baby backpack (used, from Raq) which looks like it will be great to use.

I got all the slings from which is a great place to trade/sell baby carriers. (Although I did see one sling go for over $500 which I thought was insane).