Saturday, December 1, 2007

Sorry. Find Your Own Village.

A coworker and I were talking about breastfeeding. She told me a story about a phone call for help she had made to the La Leche League resulted in the woman saying that the could get a wet nurse to take care of her baby's dietary needs while my friend was in the hospital.

This prompted me in a google search with the terms La Leche Wet Nurse. Which led to Babble.

I have to say, in the evening I've spent toddling around Babble instead of doing dishes, I like it. I'm not just saying that because they have a Bad Parent column. But because this column "It Takes a Village To Judge You" combines both my least favorite saying and the acknowledgment about the judginess of it all. Perhaps I've finally found a parenting site that speaks to me and all of my angst and lack of ease with ambiguities.

Plus Ayun Halliday has written a column for them, which makes me smile.

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Norah said...

oo, thanks for pointing me in the direction of Babble. I just read an essay written by someone I know from my grad school days. It was in the non-breeder columns, by Collette LaBoeuf Atkinson. Now I want to find out how to email her.