Friday, December 7, 2007

Gift Me!

I didn't know this, but apparently, according to the NY Times Article A Bundle of Joy Isn't Enough after giving birth, I was entitled to a push present.

To wit:
In a more innocent age, new mothers generally considered their babies to be the greatest gift imaginable. Today, they are likely to want some sort of tangible bonus as well.

This bonus goes by various names. Some call it the “baby mama gift.” Others refer to it as the “baby bauble.” But it’s most popularly known as the “push present.”

That’s “push” as in, “I the mother, having been through the wringer and pushed out this blessed event, hereby claim my reward.” Or “push” as in, “I’ve delivered something special and now I’m pushing you, my husband/boyfriend, to follow suit.”


A recent survey of more than 30,000 respondents by found that 38 percent of new mothers received a gift from their mate in connection with their child. Among pregnant mothers, 55 percent wanted one. About 40 percent of both groups said the baby was ample reward.

I actually cannot imagine this. Sure, I like gifties as much as the next girl. And since I was at work teaching the day I gave birth unexpectedly there was no time for anyone who may have gotten me a push present to actually do so. I'm just floored that women feel entitled to a nice and expensive gift for giving birth.

Instead of anyone spending money on a gem-encrusted anything, why not save the money for something truly decadent like a diaper service (which I used, thank god) or pre-made meals or something that is useful.

I guess, though, that shows my plebian roots. I'm not wealthy enough to expect to be a gifted with diamonds. Are push presents a class thing? Is that why I'm missing out? I'm just too working class or middle class?

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Katie said...

Wait just a minute.... was I supposed to get you something? Seriously? Maybe on their birthday or something..