Friday, December 7, 2007

It's Official

I am that mom.

It's official. Expect me to begin to make cupcakes for school birthdays and harass teachers at Back to School Night. Look for portraits of my family in color-coordinated outfits.

How do I know I've gone over the edge?

I just wrote the Dreaded Holiday Letter and I'm working on holiday cards right now.

In my defense, I never sent birth announcements, so this letter is serving as that... an update for people about the state of my family and a picture of Little Man and Soybean to boot.

Does that make it less lame?


Stephanie said...

I've been working on our letter for the last week. I have the (mandatory) family picture and I have the envelopes. I just need to write the damn letter. Hopefully this weekend....

Katie said...

matchy family outfits



Sara said...

OK, I screwed that last up. Anyway, honey, you send out thank you cards. By which I'm extremely delighted (but few do that now!) But to go from that to holiday letters/MAJOR update? Not far.

Not into matchy scary clothes territory.

Julie said...

I liked the card and letter.And A. really liked that the picture had all 4 of you in it, now I can change the old one on my wall. I've been sending my cards for years. Just once a year doesn't make you the crazy mom. I agree with Katie, Matchy family outfits would be crazy. I am there. I just purchased G. and A. matching sweaters to wear for our xmas pictures. I'm looking forward to making some kind of horrible family of 5 matchy Halloween outfit next year too. My thoughts, if we can't "torment" them with these clothes when they are young, what will we look back on when they begin to torment us in the teen years? I am building memories that will eventually sustain me...and it's so funny. Notice, I'm not matching, I inflict it on G. and A.