Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mommy Milestones?

If you were going to name 10 things that happened to you that let you know you really are a mom, what would they be? I guess I'm thinking of things like, "Been thrown up on after I just got dressed for work/date/a wedding/an interview."

Why? I am thinking about making Mommy Scout Badges. And I need ideas for what badges would be for.


Casper said...

Actual quote from mr. flea: "Wow. She just threw up into your hand and you weren't even fazed. You are hard core."

Stephanie said...

I've had flea's moment - so much fun!

The moment that always sticks with me was - I was in Walgreen's with 11-month Ellie. We were just running in to get a card so I dind't bring in the bag of stuff. Then Ellie sneezes and since she had a cold, out comes lots of green snot. Since I had nothing else, I calmly grabbed the corner of my shirt, wiped her nose, sort of folded over the short, bought my card, and left.

Katie said...

I vote for the "Poop conversation in public" Badge.

Or the "Eating Baby Food for Dinner" Badge

How about the "Nothing to cover The Bits but my hand"

Those are my "Well fuck' moments

Lori said...

>How about the "Nothing to cover The Bits but my hand"

I was going to suggest this one, too. Might as well contain the pee spray.

Jessica said...

Getting pooped on, peed on, and spit up on all in the span of 20 minutes and thinking "Well, at least none of it was blood."