Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Busy Week

Little Man is feverish off and on. and by feverish, I mean 99.2 degrees to maybe 99.8. His cheeks get flushed and he looks so unhappy. And he's floppy and needy and clingy like how.

Growing teeth is hard work. Any good teething hints?

Too make matters worse is the diaper rash. C tells me that it can be a result of the saliva in his mouth changing and how that effects his whole system. After a lot of experimentation (Boudreaux's Butt Paste, Desitin, Aveno Diaper Cream, Aquaphor) we found a product that seems to work. We've been using 'ilex paste which is a barrier cream that is an awful lot like surgical rubber cement. But man, does it work. If you have need of such stuff, find a small neighborhood pharmacy and ask them if they have it. It might be behind the counter, or they can order it same day if you call early enough.


lisa said...

We always had luck with a damp wash cloth tossed into the fridge for a few minutes until it was nice and cold. Makes for great gnawing.

Desitin was also our diaper rash cream of choice--and yeah, the rash often followed the teething for us, too.

Jessica said...

We've been using Triple Paste and infant Motrin at night if he seems really cranky and restless. But it hasn't been fun.