Sunday, January 27, 2008

For Sale

I'm in the process of getting stuff ready for the March LA Kids Consignment sale. I'm a fan of consignment shopping because I actually don't have lots of money and I'm cheap, but I do like to buy stuff. In LA there is a sale every 6 months.

I was wondering if other places had seasonal sales and I found Kids Consignment Sales which lists sales. There may be one near you! Check the list because I have found the seasonal sales to be better than the consignment stores I go to.

Anyhow, I'm going through the process of sorting, labeling, hanging and tagging stuff. I'm selling two breasts pumps (one portable, one hospital grade), a changing table, lots of clothes (usually bundled as sets or outfits, none for more than a couple of bucks each), some carriers. It's an odd relief to prep it in anticipation of this stuff actually leaving my house.

A fun rainy day activity.


Jessica said...

Bah - all the ones in NY are upstate except for 1 way out on Long Island (listed as "NY Metro area" but it's almost a 2-hour drive outside the city). Might be worth a day trip if I knew it was really good, but not something I'd show up at blind. Oh well!

rboston said...

How do these exactly work? do you pay a fee to get a table or space? Where is it held?

badmommy said...

The way it works at the one I go to is if I want to sell anything, I pay $10 then I put together all of clothes etc. I am allowed 300 items, but no more than 80 can be infant clothes size 0-12 months. I can consign toys, shoes, gear, etc. Anyway, I input all of the info and set a price into a website they have and I print tags and tag the clothes. I drop everything off. If I work a 3 hour volunteer shift, then I make 70% of all sales (otherwise its 65%).

They have it over a weekend and they don't charge to attend. The first day is a special presale event for new moms or those who are volunteering or consigning. Then they have the sale. The sunday is half price. You can choose to let your stuff be discounted or not. Anything that is left and not picked up is donated.

They have it at this weird banquet hall place. But it's totally worth it.

Julie said...

Wish I lived closer still. I'd go for the hospital breast pump...just in case yah know. Plus, mine has already lasted 7 months of working mom pumping and I don't know how it'll fair for this next go.