Monday, January 14, 2008


I was a big fan of swaddling, when Little Man and Boo were smaller. The nurses swaddled the little ones in the NICU and Boo, in particular, was all about feeling contained and safe. I'm not sure when the benefits of swaddling wear off, but Little Man, with his limbs longing to explore, might benefit from some boundaries set. So I started to reconsider swaddling at night for him.

Then I read this NYT article on poor swaddling leading to hip dysplasia. Oops. Now I don't wanna. Though Little Man, with his cloth diapered butt, doesn't need the precautionary extra diaper to get his hips in alignment.

Speaking of hip dysplasia, the OT and PT that Boo has is worried that she might have it. One leg was much less developed than the other up until two weeks ago when we really began working with her on it. Now it's bulking up and matches the other leg, but she'll still have some x-rays (I'm sure) and an ortho consult. So many hurdles to overcome.

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