Sunday, January 13, 2008

Walk In the Woods

Roman, Mom, Noah
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We took Little Man to Eaton Canyon this morning. Our hike started a little after 8:00 and we were back in the car by 10:00. One of the things I forgot to do is put sunscreen on Little Man or bring him a hat. I remembered my hat because Little Man enjoys nothing more than twining his fingers in my hair and yanking.

BAD MOMMY. My baby is a little ruddy cheeked now. He didn't burn any of the weird crib-faulted bald spots because he had a hood on.

Anyhow, I'm looking for good baby sunscreen. We've tried the Mustela Sunscreen which is fabulously gentle on his skin (bonus) but thick in a weird paste sort of way. I like it, but it's so thick to put on that I tend not to unless it's summer and we are actually going outside in the next two minutes.

So, sunscreen advice? Got any?

(ALSO, love several things in this picture: the weird pointiness of my hat. How funny Little Man looks. The fact that Mary the Canary is attached to the baby back pack for the baby's shaking pleasure. If you click on the photo, you can see downtown LA in the way back background. The clearness of the sky. Roman the dog trying to pull away. And I have my Happy Buddha shirt on. But I like this picture of Me and Little Man so much better).


Julie said...

Aidan could only tolerate one kind of sunscreen. The pink bottle with the dog pulling the babie's diaper off. It is not fancy, not organic, not for "sensitive skin" but it was the only one we found in CA or HI that didn't break him out in a nasty rash. It is waterproof, SPF 50 (works well in HI sun/water play and at high altitudes). Can't recall the name. It's at all stores.

badmommy said...


editor said...

We really like the sunscreen from - it's organic and smells great and is easy to put on.


(Kat, by the way, thanks for linking to our site. I love to read about your life. You are a stronger woman than me, whether you asked to be or not!)