Sunday, June 8, 2008

Brain Buckets

Noah hates his helmet
Originally uploaded by mskat

Little Man looks decidedly peeved that we make him wear a helmet. But too bad. I like his little brain bucket (it features turtles swimming, which doesn't make sense from a bike perspective, instead of Diego, Dora or Thomas the Train).

He was not so down with keeping it on. Which made our first bike ride with the baby a little bit stop and go. But, ultimately, we did okay.

Sometimes, I think having kids is all about doing things with new eyes since everything is a first time for them.


Julie said...

If that bike carrier attached next to the bike or behind? It looks cool. We had a hard time finding helmets for Aidan. Now he loves it once he could pick it out has pink flames. You would approve.

badmommy said...

It attaches next to the bike, like a sidecar. Makes you wider on a street, but you can also hear and see the baby.