Thursday, February 12, 2009

A week ago, I had breakfast with a former co-worker. I had a dulce de leche and Noah, in his inimitable way, wanted wanted wanted some. I scooped some foam and gave him some. He was satisfied with foam until he wasn't. So I gave him some of the coffee. He had a couple of spoonfuls or more.

Katie rolled her eyes at me. Joseph raised an eyebrow and I just shrugged. Noah gets sugar off and on. He never gets juice. He's never had soda.

As a preemie, he had caffeine therapy for his breathing, but it was nothing big or long term.

I thought nothing of it.

The report from Noah's daycare and from Noah's speech therapist who sees him on Friday said he was OUT OF CONTROL. Not in a rude way and not in a bad acting way. But he had terrible case of the sillies and he was just sort of crazy funny.

Oops. I caffeinated my child. Bad Mommy. No Biscuit. Or at least no more coffee.


Julie said...
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Julie said...

sorry. As usual the other comment had too many typos. Speed typing is bad. Here is my current connection to this post. Two days ago Joey wanted to try my red wine. I figured sure, why not. I thought it would touch his lips and he'd make his yuck face. So after a little tilt from me he gets a taste. He loves it, grabs the glass and takes a huge swig. He then threw a fit that he was cut off. So my kid can't really handle drinking milk from a sippy cup without dribbling it down his chest, but a nice cab and he can handle it. Typical. So like his mom.