Saturday, October 30, 2010

Stripey girl at stuntacular

Stripey girl at stuntacular
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Busy like crazy weekend.

So, here's Grace. She's a different kid than she was 6 months ago. Moreso than even the normal kid growth changes.

We went to an event in Sherman Oaks this evening. She wanted to walk, so walk we did. When the event started, Grace kicked up a fuss because attention wasn't on her.

She's a terror.

She has people who are normally immune to the charms of children wrapped around her finger. For example, C, Noah's former daycare provider and an Enforcer of Rules lets Grace break everyone of them. She goes into the kitchen. She is picked up and carried. She even pulls C's hair!!

When you tell Grace no, her lower lip trembles and she works up a single tear.

The flip side? She's pretty okay at mostly listening.

Other Grace traits? She and Noah hold hands in the back of the car which is heartachingly sweet. She has a sign for I Love You. She can sign for toys and blocks and books and gentle.

She is generally good natured, but man, she can throw a tantrum.

She is beloved.

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Julie said...

Think of what she will say when she gets her first "big box of words" I bet she'll spell out "bring me a damn latte!"