Friday, June 27, 2008

Kitty caterwaul

The title really has nothing to do with what I'm thinking about. Except the cats in the neighborhood are fighting.

Yesterday, we took Little Man kayaking (news reel on that when the pictures come back). It didn't go as well as I'd hoped. Like the neighborhood cats, he was filled with squalling and caterwauling

Today, we all went to visit Little Boo. Hooo boy she was in a good mood. Someone had put a sticker on her forehead (which the toddlers have been doing this week) which was a total beacon for Little Man to play with.

She's working on sitting up so we had her boppied and she was playing with toys and so smiley and giggly. He leaned right in and patted her head and then gave her his version of a kiss (open mouth attack, basically. I hope he grows out of that before he has a real teen love interest because it's kinda yucky).

I love when she's happy because it feels like she's okay, even though there is mounting evidence to the contrary. If I could choose between winning the lottery and having a little girl off the ventilator, it would be an easy choice. But wishes are just that.

Anyway, tomorrow we need to rig up some hanging toys for her and maybe I'll try to find an assisted sitting type thing that isn't a bumpo for her.

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